SINCE 1888


At Attica land of Spata, Domaine Evinos continues the wine making history of Stavros Koulocheri’s Family since 1888 when their wine arrived in Athens’ and Salonicas’ market.

The philosophy of the winery located outside Spata, wcich combines the industrial architecTure of 1920’s and the traditional aesthetic of Mesogeia, derives from nature and simplicity. It is a small processing unit is fully equipped to vinify the excellent quality of the grapes, with particular attention given to all stages of the production. The layout is such that it allows the traansport of the must with natural flow without oxidizing the product.

The Vineyards

The 78 acres of privately owned vineyards are divided into two sections. The first belongs to the long and narrow plots of land typical for the Mediterranean region, which are located in the area of ​​Spata and in Metochi Keratea. In these small plots that have been carefully cultivated for at least 50 years the cup-shaped vineyards of Savvatianos, the heart of the estate beats.

In the second unit belong 25 acres of open vineyard in Ampelochori, Boeotia with the French red varieties.


ASYRTIKO and MALAGOUZIA have been added to the white varieties SAVVATIANO and RODITI in recent years. Stavros Koulocheris, always anxious, wanted to experiment with the French red varieties MERLOT, CABERNET FRANK and GRENACHE, 25 acres of a single vineyard in Ampelochori, Boeotia, which is the second “unit” of the vineyard.

The careful selection and vinification of the grapes and the modern vinification techniques always under the watch and the personal work of Stavros Koulocheris, will give typical, complex wines that do not “shout”, but that will amaze anyone who is lucky enough to discover them .

The wines of the winery come on the market in the spring after the harvest and only when they are ready to show their best character.


The grapes are picked and sorted by hand and transported to the winery by crate. The white varieties, after rapid spinning, enter the process of static extrusion by cooling and then ferment and mature in stainless steel tanks until bottling.

The red ones, after being untied, begin to ferment with the method of controlled fermentation delestage and after being pressed, they are fermented in wooden oak barrels until bottling – aging.